Saturday, January 24, 2009

Solat Sunat Gerhana Matahari

assalamualaikum :)

just nak share a lil bit info pasal kejadian gerhana matahari yg akan berlaku pd

4.30 PTG - 7.00 PTG

sempena kejadian ini, kite digalakkan utk sama2 menunaikan solat sunat gerhana matahari.

so, kat cni nak share sket ngan korg cara2 utk melakukan solat sunat gerhana matahari;

Solat gerhana ini disunatkan untuk ditunaikan secara berjemaah dengan diseru sebelum mendirikannya : as-Solatu Jaami'ah!! ( Solat berjemaah )

Niatnya : "Sahaja aku solat sunat gerhana matahari dua rakaat mengikut imam kerana Allah Ta'ala" - (Jika berimam) ataupun "Sahaja aku solat sunat gerhana matahari dua rakaat kerana Allah Ta'ala" - (Jika solat seorang diri)

Solat gerhana ini boleh dilakukan secara berseorang atau secara berjemaah dan sebaiknya dilakukan secara berjemaah. Solat Gerhana mengandungi 2 rakaat, 4 al-Fatihah, 4 rukuk, dan 4 sujud. Iaitu seperti berikut :

Rakaat pertama

1. Niat solat Gerhana, Takbir

2. Baca Surah Al-Fatihah dan surah

3. Rukuk

4. I'tidal

5. Baca Al-Fatihah dan surah

6. Rukuk.

7. I'tidal.

8. Sujud dan seterusnya seperti solat biasa.

Rakaat kedua

1. Niat solat Gerhana, Takbir.

2. Baca Al-Fatihah dan surah.

3. Rukuk.

4. I'tidal,

5. Baca Al-Fatihah dan surah.

6. Rukuk.

7. I'tidal.

8. Sujud

9. Tahiyyat Akhir

Sunday, January 11, 2009

H.I.J.A.U = S.E.G.A.R

pokok terung yg baru nak tumbuh :) grown up up up n UP puhleez :)

pokok2 yg telah mengeluarkan buahnya.. alhamdulillah rezki utk lauk tghari harini :)

so inilah hasil yg ader pd 'cebisan2' tanah di belakang rumah sy.. sejak akhir2 nih, suker pulak tanam2 pokok nih.. suker tgk all those plants grown up eventhough lambat :) planning for today, tanam sawi batang putih plaks :) another 3days akan bercambah :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

my SECOND interview

company: AEON co. (formerly known as JUSCO)
position: management trainee
venue: jusco taman maluri cheras

i have been applied for this position about one week ago :)
n yet i got an email to attend for the interview on 19/12/2008
huish, wut the idea about being a management trainee is it??
it is about you being a trainee that involving all departments in the company/org
i reached at the jusco tmn maluri office n found there are quite candidates that coming for the interview..
oh okei -- never to mentioned that-- this is a walk-in-interview :)
an application form has been given to me..
after waiting for a while, the interviewer called me to come in with the other 3 candidates..
haha, nervous tetap maintain ader :)
we haven't been asked for many questions instead we were have been explained about the management trainee program..

JUSCO Management Trainee:

  • you will be trained for 10 months into different departments
  • you will handle some projects
  • handling few tasks
  • willing to work in public hols
  • most of your time you will be in class
there are few benefits that you may get if you join this program..
you got a chance to go to JAPAN for training...
the interviewer explained to us very well..
and he even asked us which outlet that we planned to be assigned if we were selected :)
so those yg suke buat sales, ade communication skills yg mantap, berkeyakinan tinggi on doing sales --- u were the right candidate !!
have a try for those yg berminat :)

* for ur info, ade lg kemasukan utk bulan 3 n 5 if i'm not mistaken :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my FIRST job interview

Company: Great Eastern Life Assurance
Venue: Great Eastern HQ, Ampang
Position: Customer Service Officer

assalamualaikum ..
alhamdulillah, this is my first job interview which i applied through
so how was it ??
i got a call from this one guy in HR told me to attend for this interview about 1 week ago..
first interview??
huish saper yg xtakot :)
berdebar xpayah ckp but berkat doa yg dibace, sy rs tenang..
naek aje atas, ade 2 lg candidates yg tgh tunggu..
so i'm the last person to reach there!
gugup dtg balek coz in my mind, adeih.. first intrview da dtg lambat..
padahal ms tu 15minutes pun lg ms utk start :)
i've been given a test (writing test i guess) at first..
adela diye suh citer sket pasal diri kiter, wekanesses and etc
i were the last person to be called..
round-table interview with 3 interviewers + 1 CANDIDATE !!!
huish, berdebar tu :)
the interview goes well, even x fasih english i tried my best to cope :)
about 20 minutes interview, then they thanked me for coming :)
so, xtau la naseb nyer camner :)
hope okeih n berbaloi ( yeps, i'm coming frm trg just for d sake of this intrview!! )


  • guys, you need to be REALLY WELL PREPARED!
  • go through about common interview questions
  • yg paling penting, search for the related questions pasal post yg kite apply ( it do help me well in writing test )
  • customer service officer is about you are dealing with customers ( so, communication skills kne sgt bagus - try ckp english ngan baek, it helps u lot)
  • tunjukkan minat anda pd kerja yg anda apply
  • have a lil bit knowledge about the company (okeih, i haven't bee asked for that question, but at least u have some points if u have been asked what do you know about our company )
  • last but not least, before subuh prayer, do solat hajat!!
  • doa + tawakal :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jika aku jatuh cinta..

I love this pic and this doa..
panduan kiter bersama insyaAllah..
siapekah editor utk gambar nih ek?? permisi utk letak kat blog nih :)

jakarta - puncak - bandung

alhamdulillah, sy sekeluarga baru aje balek dr jakarta..
exactly before hari ry korban baru2 nih..
first time dapat jejakkan kaki ke indonesia, keterujaan tu tetap ade..
tambahan pulak, tukaran wang yg rendah sebabkan sy & sorg spupu jd rambang mate..
ye la kan, tibe2 dpt pegang duit dlm nilai ratus2 ribu :)
padahal mase pegi tu tukaran 100 000 rupiah = MYR 30
murahkan :)
alhamdulillah perjalanan selama 5hr 4 mlm berjalan lancar :)
kami ikut pakej islam di bawah kendalian POTO travel & tours..
thanks to kak tim & the group :)
an enjoyable moment to be remembered :)
alhamdulillah kami slamat pergi & slamat kembali :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

mencari kerja semudah yg disangka ?

alhamdulillah, dunia study for degree da tamat buat sy..
cume tibe mase2 yg xsabar dah nak ditunggu which is d CONVOCATION's day :)
its like a winning day for those who had successfully completed his/her degree learning..
yerps.. 3 years of learning in Sintok, Kedah
alhamdulillah everthing goes well :)
so perjalanan hidup diteruskan lg dengan MENCARI KERJA :)
everbody must go through this phase or otherwise you will be jobless for the rest of ur life!
2 months i've been sitting in front of comp surfing for any available jobs..
esp carik kat
yerps, ppl said that jobstreet akan ambik sket gaji kiter kat situ but no matter what it is, that's d best site yg sy prefer to search for my dreamy-creamy job :)
dreamy-creamy job = a great position with marvelous n super duper sallary $$ ;)
safest-faster-and up-to-date :)
for your info, those big company such as jusco (now known as aeon), ibm, dell, great eastern, shell n etc will use this jobstreet as recruiter for their company..
so my advice here, do apply ur dream job through as one of the sources..
u r not totally need to depend on this JOBSTREET but do have a look at any company's websites..
kdg2 ade diorg iklankan kat situ under recruitment @ career..
tapi ingat, be CAREFUL! jgn sampai tertipu okeyh :)
wish u luck for all the jobless ppl :)

++ usehe n doa adelah yg terbaek di samping usehe okeyh :)