Friday, December 19, 2008

my SECOND interview

company: AEON co. (formerly known as JUSCO)
position: management trainee
venue: jusco taman maluri cheras

i have been applied for this position about one week ago :)
n yet i got an email to attend for the interview on 19/12/2008
huish, wut the idea about being a management trainee is it??
it is about you being a trainee that involving all departments in the company/org
i reached at the jusco tmn maluri office n found there are quite candidates that coming for the interview..
oh okei -- never to mentioned that-- this is a walk-in-interview :)
an application form has been given to me..
after waiting for a while, the interviewer called me to come in with the other 3 candidates..
haha, nervous tetap maintain ader :)
we haven't been asked for many questions instead we were have been explained about the management trainee program..

JUSCO Management Trainee:

  • you will be trained for 10 months into different departments
  • you will handle some projects
  • handling few tasks
  • willing to work in public hols
  • most of your time you will be in class
there are few benefits that you may get if you join this program..
you got a chance to go to JAPAN for training...
the interviewer explained to us very well..
and he even asked us which outlet that we planned to be assigned if we were selected :)
so those yg suke buat sales, ade communication skills yg mantap, berkeyakinan tinggi on doing sales --- u were the right candidate !!
have a try for those yg berminat :)

* for ur info, ade lg kemasukan utk bulan 3 n 5 if i'm not mistaken :)


  1. wow Japan..
    u used to take japanese language rite..
    that might be your advantage :)

  2. i got this job.. do u? They will conduct the mt program next monday...