Friday, December 12, 2008

mencari kerja semudah yg disangka ?

alhamdulillah, dunia study for degree da tamat buat sy..
cume tibe mase2 yg xsabar dah nak ditunggu which is d CONVOCATION's day :)
its like a winning day for those who had successfully completed his/her degree learning..
yerps.. 3 years of learning in Sintok, Kedah
alhamdulillah everthing goes well :)
so perjalanan hidup diteruskan lg dengan MENCARI KERJA :)
everbody must go through this phase or otherwise you will be jobless for the rest of ur life!
2 months i've been sitting in front of comp surfing for any available jobs..
esp carik kat
yerps, ppl said that jobstreet akan ambik sket gaji kiter kat situ but no matter what it is, that's d best site yg sy prefer to search for my dreamy-creamy job :)
dreamy-creamy job = a great position with marvelous n super duper sallary $$ ;)
safest-faster-and up-to-date :)
for your info, those big company such as jusco (now known as aeon), ibm, dell, great eastern, shell n etc will use this jobstreet as recruiter for their company..
so my advice here, do apply ur dream job through as one of the sources..
u r not totally need to depend on this JOBSTREET but do have a look at any company's websites..
kdg2 ade diorg iklankan kat situ under recruitment @ career..
tapi ingat, be CAREFUL! jgn sampai tertipu okeyh :)
wish u luck for all the jobless ppl :)

++ usehe n doa adelah yg terbaek di samping usehe okeyh :)

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