Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my FIRST job interview

Company: Great Eastern Life Assurance
Venue: Great Eastern HQ, Ampang
Position: Customer Service Officer

assalamualaikum ..
alhamdulillah, this is my first job interview which i applied through jobstreet.com
so how was it ??
i got a call from this one guy in HR told me to attend for this interview about 1 week ago..
first interview??
huish saper yg xtakot :)
berdebar xpayah ckp but berkat doa yg dibace, sy rs tenang..
naek aje atas, ade 2 lg candidates yg tgh tunggu..
so i'm the last person to reach there!
gugup dtg balek coz in my mind, adeih.. first intrview da dtg lambat..
padahal ms tu 15minutes pun lg ms utk start :)
i've been given a test (writing test i guess) at first..
adela diye suh citer sket pasal diri kiter, wekanesses and etc
i were the last person to be called..
round-table interview with 3 interviewers + 1 CANDIDATE !!!
huish, berdebar tu :)
the interview goes well, even x fasih english i tried my best to cope :)
about 20 minutes interview, then they thanked me for coming :)
so, xtau la naseb nyer camner :)
hope okeih n berbaloi ( yeps, i'm coming frm trg just for d sake of this intrview!! )


  • guys, you need to be REALLY WELL PREPARED!
  • go through about common interview questions
  • yg paling penting, search for the related questions pasal post yg kite apply ( it do help me well in writing test )
  • customer service officer is about you are dealing with customers ( so, communication skills kne sgt bagus - try ckp english ngan baek, it helps u lot)
  • tunjukkan minat anda pd kerja yg anda apply
  • have a lil bit knowledge about the company (okeih, i haven't bee asked for that question, but at least u have some points if u have been asked what do you know about our company )
  • last but not least, before subuh prayer, do solat hajat!!
  • doa + tawakal :)

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  1. wow..great eastern life mcm big company..
    daju xapply pn GE lagi..huhu
    all the best in your jobhunting ke dh dpt keje..hehhe..dh lame xjmpe..